Boulevard Exteriors is an approved contractor for Energy Efficiency Alberta. Our goal is to increase your at-home energy efficiency with upgraded windows at a great discount.  Click here to see how much you can save today!

Boulevard Exteriors is recognized by Energy Star for supplying qualified windows and doors as well as installers that are trained and certified giving peace of mind that you will receive reliable service and quality workmanship.  When Energy Star rates windows, they are certified based on the insulation factor as well as their ability to keep weather out.  Energy Star also gives a rating on how air tight the windows are and finally their strength.  Energy Star Qualified Windows in Calgary can cut more than 10 percent off your energy costs.

Boulevard offers a wide selection of windows to suit your Residential and Commercial needs.  What makes Boulevard stand out from the rest is the ability to tailor a window package specific to your home or business.  You get to take the stress out of window shopping and benefit by having us do the shopping for you!  Take advantage of our industry perspective and experience and we will find the best window manufacturer for your needs and budget.

Triple Pane windows have energy efficiency set for the future.  As amazing as dual pane windows are, there is a ‘next level’ energy saving technology, and that is Triple Pane.  As you might expect…this simply means that a THIRD layer of glass is incorporated into the Insulated Glass Unit.  While this may sound simple, the effects are dramatic.  Buy Triple Pane and you will have Energy Efficiency set for the future.


  • Increased insulating power
  • Enhanced condensation resistance
  • Improved sound control

Calgary Window Replacement – Year Round

Windows in Calgary can be replaced year-round.  Window orders average 8 weeks and installations are usually 2 days or up to 5 days to complete an entire house.  When a window is removed, the opening is filled with the new window within about 10-15 minutes and much of the time is spent on sealing and finishing details.

Leading Calgary Windows company Boulevard Exteriors is highly experienced in window installations, new window installation(where one does not currently exist) as well as new and existing Bay Window and Bow Window installs.  Boulevard adheres to City By-Laws and will assist you in obtaining necessary permits.