A roof replacement is no longer as simple as replacing shingles, there is an entire system on your roof and each part of the system needs to work together to achieve maximum benefit and protection for the long term.  Boulevard Exteriors provides detailed solutions to provide a full exterior residential or commercial renovation.

Boulevard Exteriors includes the following in all Roofing installs;

  • Complete Drip Edge Flashing Replacement – this is your roofline protection that directs water from your roof into your eavestrough.  Most roof leaks are not due to faulty shingles but rather non existent or improperly installed flashing.
  • Resisto Lastobond Ice & Water Roof Deck Protection – a self sealing membrane around nails and screws, this product is effective and withstands exterior temperature fluctuations
  • Premium Aquaguard Synthetic Roof Underlayment – 5 layer construction with good strength characteristics, treated for UV exposure.
  • Manufactured Ridge Caps – specifically made to fit and protect the ridges of your roof line.
  • Great shingle product line selection – All roof shingles are installed with a 6 nail application, not only is this considered premium it also insures peace of mind if a warranty claim is ever required.

Boulevard Exteriors only has qualified, insured and hard working installers trained specifically to install a roofing system to our high quality standards.

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