We had our existing patio, which directly abuts the house (with ceiling and 2 walls already in place from the house itself), enclosed. We had several companies come and evaluate the project, and give us their design ideas and cost estimates. We wanted to maximize the light and the air flow: to try and retain the feel of being outdoors. We also wanted to extend the use of the room into the not-so-warm months as much as was affordable. John was the only person who seemed to listen to what we asked for. His design came as close as was possible to fulfilling our requirements. The others had complicated structures or a lot of framing which would have greatly reduced the amount of light and air allowed in. So we now have floor to nearly ceiling high sliding doors and windows (energy efficient) forming the walls. The light is incredible, and we can let in as much or as little air as we want. The room looks like it has always been there; and feels very comfortable! John answered all of our questions with patience and detailed explanations, often doing extra research on the products or other features in order to do so. We did need to alter the original design somewhat, because of the product restrictions and the size of the wall openings. Abe installed the components and he was actually a pleasure to have around. He worked efficiently, quietly (he even did some of the pre-cutting off-site to reduce the amount of noise) and quickly. He did some little extras that we had asked for with no complaints whatsoever, with a smile even. He did a wonderful job of installing! He came back afterwards to do some adjustments to some of the doors. So, now, we have a wonderful sunny room, where we can sit on a warm day with all doors and windows open, letting in the air, light and keeping the bugs at bay. Or we can sit there on a cool day, with all the light streaming through and as much fresh air as we want. We’ve installed a heater which makes being in there even more cosy. We are completely satisfied with the entire process: consultation, design and installation. And this has become our favourite room!