Your Team

Boulevard is a team of professionals dedicated to home exteriors. Our commitment to customers ensures we only attract and retain the best available people. Our streamlined approach ensures that everyone – from sales to admin to installation – is familiar with your project. This means no surprises for you or for us.


Vanessa is the personality of Boulevard. As the head of sales and customer satisfaction she ensures that you get the product expertise and project direction you deserve. Vanessa began her career over a decade ago and has conducted thousands of consultations during that time. Her in-depth knowledge and unparalleled work ethic ensures that our Boulevard clients get the help you need when you need it.

John is the reputation of Boulevard. His areas of focus include overall direction, team leadership and quality assurance. John has worked in home exteriors since 1982 and been an Alberta resident since 1974. His historic knowledge of the industry and experience in Alberta’s unique climate offers Boulevard’s clients a unique and insightful level of expertise.

Holly is the integrity of Boulevard. Her responsibilities include quality assurance, project scheduling and inventory management. It’s her job to make sure that things run smooth with all of Boulevard’s projects. Having begun her contracting career over 25 years ago Holly brings a comprehensive level of guidance to everything Boulevard does.

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