Calgary Siding


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Calgary Siding materials available today have given the exterior renovation industry many choices to create valuable curb appeal.  Our Project Advisors will meet with you to go over the details of your renovation, we will share ideas and industry experience to help you accomplish the desired look you would like.  Once an order is placed with us we will include a professional designer for colour consultation and custom renderings that will give you a visual concept of what your exterior project will look like.

The Boulevard team has over 30 years experience in the exterior renovation industry, our installers are craftsman who take great pride in their work.  Your house siding is one of the most important parts of your home, not only visually pleasing, it also protects and preserves your home against the elements – from the cruel heat of summer to the biting cold of winter.

New manufactured products such as James Hardie Fiber Cement, Engineered siding, Vinyl siding and Cultured Stone can add a dramatic flair to your home and eliminate the need for constant maintenance.



Engineered House Siding  has a technological edge over wooden siding. They are engineered to eliminate flaws, resist rotting and are easier to maintain.  Using particleboard material such as OSB to create a core, layers are laminated together to create a strong siding product. Engineered siding is also coated with special additives and treatments to prevent rotting and mildew.  Over the substrate a overlay is installed that is embossed to look like various different wood-grains. Warranties of up to 30 years provide peace of mind for the longevity of your siding products.

Cultured Stone Some of the most beautiful buildings in the world are fashioned out of natural stone- marble, slate and granite. Although beautiful and long-lasting, these materials are difficult to implement in home construction. Their massive weight requires complex support structures which are not usually available or practical in residential applications. Also, the great cost involved in mining and transporting these materials from their origins makes the cost quite prohibitive.  Manufactured or cultured stone allows you to take advantage of lighter-weight materials such as cement and lighter stones such as pumice to give you the beauty of stone. From cobble and castle stones to limestone and river rock, hundreds of styles and colors are available to accent your home’s exterior.